Committee Volunteers

Thank you to Todd and Mary Hammerstone, Warren Guyer, and Alison Woodcock for serving on the committee with the Trailblazers. If you’re not going to be at the banquet tonight, please get your vote in by 5pm by emailing We will vote for three from the following nominees:

Alison Woodcock (Boys 14u)

Matt Price (Girls 18u)

Tommy Slagle (Boys 14u)

Tom Dolan (Boys 12u)

NCHBC Final Day

What a great week! It looks like everyone has had fun but how better could it be to have our 12u team in position to become Undisputed National Champs…dare I say the world. Let’s all be there bright and early in the morning for their game. Be advised that the location is the furthest distance of anywhere we’ve been. Livestream:

Boys 12u Gold Ball Undisputed Championship
8:00am, Willard Main

Boys 16u Division I Bronze
9:00am, Fieldhouse #2

Girls 18u Division I Bronze Consolation
10:00am, Evangel Ashcroft

Boys 14u Gold Ball Showdown
1:30pm, Hickory Hill

Boys 18u Small Program Division II C
2:40pm, Fieldhouse #2

12u Undisputed National Championship Game Tomorrow 8am

Congratulations to the Boys 12u who won the Final Four game against the Northside Lions from Indianapolis. Tomorrow morning at 8am is the championship game between our Class 5A Western Kentucky Trailblazers and the Class 7A MHEA Eagles from Memphis, TN. This game determines the Undisputed National Champion. You can stream the game live at

NCHBC Gold Ball Showdown Series

We have an exciting day tomorrow…the Boys 12u and 14u teams move on to the Showdown Series to potentially become undisputed Division I Champions! For those back home, you can livestream these games here:

Boys 16u Division I Bronze 9:15am, Central #2

Boys 12u Gold Ball Final Four 10:15am, Parkview

Boys 14u Gold Ball Elite Eight 1:55pm, BBC

Girls 18u Division I Bronze Consolation 4:40pm, Fieldhouse #4

Boys 18u Small Program Division II C  5:50pm, Fieldhouse #2


For the first time in our history, the Trailblazers are in a Gold Ball game…and two of them! Be sure to come out to Parkview tomorrow to watch the Boys 12u at 11:45am and Boys 14u at 12:45pm. We are shooting for claiming a Gold Ball in those back-to-back games.
Boys 16u Division I Bronze Play-In
8:15am, Fieldhouse #1
Boys 12u Division I Class 5A
11:45am, Parkview
Boys 14u Division I Class 1A
12:45pm, Parkview
Boys 18u Small Program Division II C 
4:40pm, Fieldhouse #2
Girls 18u Division I Bronze Consolation
7:10pm, Kickapoo


We had a first for the Trailblazers basketball program as four teams won their first games on day one! Boys 12u, 14u, and 16u are playing for a Gold Ball. Girls 18u is playing for a Bronze Ball. Here’s the lineup for tomorrow. 

Boys 16u Division I Class 3A, 9:15am, The Clubhouse #3

Boys 12u Division I Class 5A, 10:15am, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Boys 14u Division I Class 1A, 12:45pm, Central #2

Girls 18u Division I Bronze Play-In, 3:25pm, The Clubhouse #2

Boys 18u Division II B/C Play-In, 8:25pm, Central #2