Baseball practice

Reminder: We will be having practice tomorrow night (2/24) with group one starting at 6:00 followed by group two coming in at 6:45. As stated before enter through the double doors in the back. The owner has requested that nobody other than players are allowed to stay in the clinic during practice for liability issues, letting parents stay in the clinic during Saturday’s practice was a one time thing because of the weather and taking up money. Also we have stressed to all the players the importance of staying off the exercise equipment, we are asking you to remind your kids to stay off the equipment before you get to practice tomorrow and on future dates, we are lucky to be able to use this facility, we don’t want overstay our welcome by misusing the facility. We had a great practice last Saturday, lets keep this rolling. Two weeks until game time!

Indoor Practice Groups:

6:00 PM
Bitterling (3)


Thanks, Coach Shifflett


This is a portion of the communication sent out by the newly announced Blazers baseball coach, Jack Bush. It is important to respond to him about interest in playing baseball. His email is Jack Bush
We are fortunate to have a coaching staff in place and it is important to respond about your interest as soon as possible to continue going forward.

First, thanks Kevin for the warm welcome! Thomas and I are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying some great baseball action. We love baseball and believe it is the greatest game in the world!! We hope you do too!

We are ready to start. There are a lot of plans, details, and decisions to be made. Our goal is to be ready by March 2015 to play competitive baseball so we want have a meet and greet meeting to share our vision and align it with your expectations very soon. Before we do that, I would like to ask for volunteers. The positions we need filled are;
1) Dugout/Game Pitcher-Catcher Readiness Coach
2) Bookkeeper/ Insurance/ Fundraising Coordinator
3) Equipment/Uniform Manager
4) Team Mom
5) On-field Practice/ Conditioning Coaches (2)
6) Marketing/Promotional Manager (optional)

We are looking for a commitment of 2-3 practices/games per weekday/weekend, or approximately 8-12 hours per week at our peak time. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these positions. Please note; we are flexible and understand conflicts that arise occasionally. Please call me if interested, 919-619-6471 and we can talk about what this entails. Then, we will have a all coaches/managers meeting. Soon afterwards, we will have our meet and greet with parents and kids. We will have suggestions for you to discuss, e.g. number of games, travel distances, practices, etc.

Please feel free to call me or e-mail me your questions. I would also like to hear why you might consider the Blazers. What you (parent and son) looking for in a team? Please provide any playing history on your son. I want everyone to be proud to be a Blazer!!